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【軒宇室內設計 戴文軒】20坪水泥方盒裡 一處純粹無界的工作寓所

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項目定位 Design Proposition

沿著巷弄探身走進陳舊華廈內,20坪的舊屋洗去塵染,蛻身成為寧靜隱斂的辦公場域軒宇室內設計 戴文軒 設計總監 以「回歸原初本質」為筆墨,泥作板材為紙張,光影彩度為句讀,大筆揮毫出剛柔並濟的空間章幅。在遵循「形隨機能」的自然法則下,我們保留建物原有的輪廓和肌理,僅透過軸線轉折呈顯有機型態,於深淺對比的質材交扣間,演繹空間獨有的層次律動,逕自流淌一絲洗鍊氣韻。

Walking along the bystreet into an aged building. The old house of 66 square meters transformed into as well as a rustic and sedate office. Hsuan Yu Interior Design Wen Hsuan Tai Design Director takes the advantage of the original structure, natural wood and bright hue to re-establish the solidity yet geniality space. Following the natural precedent of "functional configuration", preserve the original building mass and texture to present vivid patterns merely through the twist and turn of the main axis. With deep and shallow tinge contrasting materials, bring about innovative ambience and a distinct layered configuration of the space.

風格情境 Creativity & Aesthetics


As people knows, glossy and glamour appearance would never makes people deeply touched, but the pure and firm soul that manifests from the inside out. And the inner quality of "space" and "human" is essentially identical. As an office interspace, "cozy" is the primary consideration, whether for staff or guests, hold high regard to their heart is what we most want them to perceive. Therefore, simplified the setting tinge, shaping spatial charm merely with gray-scale contrast hue materials, demonstrate the original profound feature, thus create homespun and unbounded working area.

空間配置 Space planning


According to the space around 66 square meters, reoriented the spatial nodes and illumination routes after repeated deliberation. Construct the space by subtraction, and layout the details by addition, so as to well organized each small section. In the early stage of construction, in order to achieve the maximum transparency and spaciousness, attempt to dismantle the compartments, but they were restricted by the original beam-column structure, thereupon set up an island, which not only turned the defect into the highlight, but also made the whole space more amusing.

選材效用 Materials & Cost Effectiveness


How to present the distinct outline of the space, material selection has become the most important issue. There is no need for excessive decoration or disguise, just frankly states the primitive feature of the space. Make use of cement and steel structure of coarse texture and fine and glossy solid wood veneer, by way of the mirror staggered projection, lead to varied changes of light and shadow, accordingly introduce a timeless phenomenon.

The entrance foyer——Living with a sense of ritual


Haruki Murakami once said, "Ritual is essential of living. " The entrance foyer plays a role as the office business card at the first impression, therefore, especially chosen black granite to initiate the introductory atmosphere. In addition to add a sense of ritual while entering the room, moreover to rise up the expectation to the space. In terms of the design techniques, adopted the transposition psychology of "first constrict, then zoom in". From low profile yet sumptuous to pristine and simplicity, the instantaneous contrast is stunning. The adjacent bathroom remained the low tone yet extravagant ambience, though just a corner of the space, but with abundant details. The gentle marble wall via the light transmitting of the mirror expanded the space.

The pantry and the conference table——the imitated home bar and island


Have you ever imagined working in a comfy office just like being at home? While entering the space, the first thing that caught sight is a long table as like an island. The open pantry feels like being in the dining area at home that full of unstrained ambience. Even the first time visiting guests can enjoy themselves. The staff that wants to take break for a while or wish to ponder without disturbed commonly stays here for physical and mental relaxation. Considering the original building mass limitation, above the corridor transition zone, exploit the laminated glass sprung roof, which has the functions of fireproof, waterproof, environmental protection and energy saving. Further to brighten up the space and outline the modern implication that different from the original circumstance.

The combination of beam-column and table-——transformed the spatial remnant


At the outset intended to set up an entirely coherent public area, however the central beam column is incapable to dismantled, thence leave a spatial remnant. Consequently turn the defect into a bright spot, combine the beam column with desktop, and established the circumstance with the concept of "home island", which instantly soften the conference table of the sense of formal, meanwhile formed a partition as like the solid wall. After thorough calculation, the designer figures out that lowering the ceiling and with embedding illumination can make the bulky beam column visually minify and reduces the pressure sensation. After modification, the reinforced concrete steel structure connect the lightweight massing, bring about a visual sense of semi-translucent for the whole space.

Wall-mounted mirror - extend vision and introduce sunlight into room


Regard to the sunlight is incapable shines into the end unit due to the limited area of the open window; therefore, wall mounted mirrors to eliminate the sense of narrowness of the space. Along with outdoor sunlight and indoor illumination, shaped the mobility of light and shadow of the space, as well as extending the vision to create a bright and lucid scene of the space.

Office zone - well-ordered circuits and sundries


By way of utilize the deep and shallow timber to set out the executive office and the open staff work zone. Since of both areas extremely need focusing, therefore exploit system MDF to lay out the circuits and sundries orderly, bring out an overall neat and tidy vision without being distracted. In order to echo the primitive feature of the space, especially embellished with a touch of green, from plants to drapery, diffuse the natural stylish temperament.